Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Battery Life on Your Apple Watch

If you just got your first Apple Watch, you might notice that your battery life is draining much faster than you’d expect. There are a few things that can cause your battery to drain fast. If you want to make the battery on your Apple Watch last longer, here’s what you should do.

Apple Watch Tips and Tricks

First of all, for a new owner of the Apple Watch, you would probably spend much more time on it than usual. So it’s very normal that the battery life will drain faster than it should be when you are tweaking things around on your Apple Watch constantly. After you finishing setting things up and trying out all the features on the watch, you would probably spend less time on it and the battery would probably last much longer.


  1. Use a black watch face

The screen is what drains the most power. So if you expect the battery to last longer, you should find a way to avoid the screen from consuming too much battery. The Apple Watch features an OLED display and one of the biggest features of an OLED display is that when it display the black color, the pixels that display the color are actually turned off, so it’s not consuming any power at all. So if you want to make the battery last longer, avoid using full screen watch faces like the photo face or the full screen Nike+ watch face, or other watch faces with way too much white color and use a watch face with as much black area on it as possible.


  1. Reduce the brightness of the Watch screen

Lower the brightness of the Watch display can also significantly increase the battery life of your Apple Watch. Adjust the brightness to a level that you can still comfortably see what’s on the screen comfortably but is lower than before.


  1. Change the wake screen settings

You can also change the wake screen setting to reduce the time the screen will wake. Go to Settings>General>Wake Screen and you can see all the wake screen options. You can consider disabling Wake Screen on Wrist Raise or Crown Up. Scroll down to the bottom you can also choose to have the screen wake for 15 seconds instead of 70.


  1. Turn on Theater Mode

Above are some effective ways to save battery life on Apple Watch. But they are not the simplest ways to do it. If you want to keep things simple, simply activate Theater Mode. Turning Theater Mode basically means turning on silent mode. It will keep the display dark unless you tap on the screen, press the side button or the digital crown. You can use the digital crown to directly adjust the brightness of the screen.


  1. Reduce the number of notifications you get

You can disable unimportant notifications in two ways. When you get an unwanted notification, swipe left on it and tap on the menu icon as you see it to enter the settings page, and then tap Turn Off on Apple Watch. You can also disable notifications from the Watch app on your iPhone. Open the Watch app, go to notifications, scroll down and find the mirror iPhone alerts section. From there you can disable the notifications you don’t want to see on your Apple Watch.


  1. Delete unnecessary apps on your Apple Watch

Some apps on your iPhone provide an Apple Watch version. If you have the same app installed both on your iPhone and your Apple Watch, they will use power to ensure that data is synced on both devices. So if there are apps that you have installed on both your iPhone and Apple Watch, consider deleting the unimportant ones from your watch. You can delete apps from your Apple Watch in the Watch app on your iPhone. Open the watch app, scroll down to the Installed on Apple Watch section, tap on the app you don’t want and disable it.


  1. Disable unnecessary complications

Some complications can show up-to-date information on your Watch, but that’s usually because they keep refreshing automatically in the background, and this will require extra power. So if there are complications that you think is not necessary, you can choose to get rid of it to slightly save battery.


If the above methods don’t work and the battery still drains fast for no obvious reason, try the method below to see if you can make things better.


  1. Update software to the latest version

Go check and see if your Apple Watch and your iPhone have been updated to the latest software available. To update software on your watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to General>Software Update. If the problem persists, try rebooting the Apple Watch by pressing and holding the digital crown and the side button at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.


  1. Unpair and repair your Apple Watch

This is kind of like the last resort, but it might work in certain situations. Just open the Watch app on your iPhone, tap on your watch on the top, tap the I icon on your watch, tap on unpair and confirm, and then pair it with your iPhone again.


  1. Check for suspicious apps

Some apps could be draining your battery in the background and you wouldn’t even know it. Check and see if there’s any suspicious app that could be the source of the problem and uninstall it to see if the problem still persists.


Above are some effective ways to help you save battery life on your Apple Watch. With its practical health features and plenty of Apple Watch bands to choose from, Apple Watch is a wonderful device to own. But a problem like this could be frustrating. If the battery life doesn’t seem to be improving after you’ve tried all those, maybe you should try contacting Apple.

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