Should You Buy an Apple Watch? 10 Pros and Cons to Refer to!

Nowadays, watch not only tells you the time, but also offers more technology assistance on your wrist, just like a computer on wrist. Apple has done a good job of creating and updating such an intelligent wearable device, Apple watch.

Since the Apple watch was released in 2015, it has gained great popularity. Today, a quarter of American people own an Apple watch. Will you buy a smart watch and is Apple watch worth it? Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages of Apple watch to help you decide if you should get one.

Apple watch pros and cons. should you buy an Apple watch

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1. Pros

1.1 Safe Application

Fall detection and emergence call are the wonderful applications for the people in danger. If the Apple watch detects a hard hit, it will send you a notification immediately to know if you need help. If you don’t respond within 60 seconds, the Apple watch will make a emergence call automatically. So as the emergence call, it allows you to ask for help in a short time without taking your phone out. The elder and women walking alone in the evening should need these safe applications.

Apple watch band

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1.2 Fashionable Trend

Apple watch band, decoration for the watch, doesn’t count in watch functions itself. But Apple designs various Apple watch bands to embellish the watch into different styles. Wearing Apple watch with different bands has become a fashionable trend. And you can purchase bands on Adepoy is focused on Apple watch accessories for several years. Our mission is to help people express their fashion and fitness on wrist!

Adepoy Apple watch band

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1.3 Fitness Tracker

Apple watch puts healthy lifestyle first so there are lots of health and fitness tools and applications to help you keep healthy and regular life. For example, the workout app can open and 12 different exercises are shown (running, cycling, and swimming etc). The exercise rings remind you to stand, walk and exercise for a set time to achieve your everyday goal.

Apple watch fitness

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1.4 Health Monitor

ECG, heart rate monitor and blood oxygen monitor, all these functions can reflect your physical health. Good fellow for the elder. These help you estimate your body status. Once you find your body date abnormal, call the doctor. It shortens the time for problem found, even to save your life. However, please note, these three features are not available for people under 18 years old. You need to confirm or set up your age in your health profile.

1.5 Water Resistance

Some Apple watch owners are diving lover, but most of watches need to keep away from water. In this condition, the Apple watch is the best choice for those who loving diving. But a high-quality and water resistance band is essential. Sometimes people will lose their Apple watch when they are swimming cause the poor-quality, broken band.

Apple watch water resistance

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1.6 Large Screen

Large screen is new trend for smartwatch. The new released Apple watch 7 45mm is the best prove for this statement. Comparing with other smartwatch brands like Fitbit inspire and Garmin, the Apple watch has a large screen that you can see the words and images in the screen clearer. What’s more, you can adjust the size of the text which is good for those who have poor eyesight.

1.7 ApplePay

You don’t even need to get your phone out of your pocket. You can simply press a button on your Apple watch, hold it close to the terminal and you’re all set.

Apple watch apple pay

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2. Cons

2.1 Low Battery Life

A fully charged Apple watch gives 18 hours of battery performance on “all day” use. Apple bases “all day” life in 60-minute workout, 45minutes of app use, 90 notification and 90 times checks. The battery life fluctuate according to your use of the watch. That means you must charge your watch often. Especially if you need to work, you must charge the watch when you get home after work so that you can use the sleep tracking function in the evening (You can’t use sleep tracking when you charge the watch.) Apple watch’s battery life lags behind other smart watches like Garmin, Fitbit and Samsung.


2.2 Limited Compatibility

Apple watch only pairs with iPhone, not with an android smartphone while there are so many android-friendly smartwatches on the market. Moreover, Apple watch can only connect to iPhone 5 or newer models. So before having an Apple watch, you need to change your android phone to iPhone or upgrade your iPhone.

2.3 Heavy and Bulky Watch Face

Compare with other smartwatches, Apple watch seems a bit of heavy and bulky. The square Apple watch face is thick and large which is not lightweight and portable enough for workout.

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3. Conclusion

Apple watch pros and cons

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Apple watch focuses on health and offers lots of related assistance app to help you form beneficial, regular lifestyle and make your life different, more convenient. But the limited compatibility and hardware insufficiency still let many people giveitup. Decide whether you should get an Apple Watch or not, not just simply seeing the number of pros and cons. You need to base your own reality and demand. For example, if you spend you time outside and always need to take trips, then the apple watch may not be suitable for you, because the low battery life can’t satisfy your demand. You need a smart watch with a strong battery capacity.

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