How to Change Apple Watch Band

One of the best features of the Apple Watch, and most of other smartwatches out there, is that it allows users to change the band of the watch as they like. And the process of changing the band is made easy for customers to easily swap in a new band anytime they want. If you just got your hands on your very first Apple Watch, check out how to change Apple Watch band in this post.

 How to change apple watch band

  1. The first thing to know is how to remove Apple Watch band first. On the cover of the Apple Watch, locate the buttons at the tip of the wrist strap and press gently. 


  1. Without releasing the button, slide the end of the band and detach it from the watch face. 


  1. Repeat the two steps for the other side of the watch to completely remove the bands. 


  1. Take out your new bands and check whether it is the right size for your watch. Remember, Apple Watch bands come in 40/44mm sizes for Series 5 and 38/42mm sizes for older models. 


  1. Now take your new band and slide it from the bottom right side of your Apple Watch’s Case until you hear a clicking sound. 


  1. Repeat step four for the other end of the strap and you’re done!


It is that simple. As something that you are going to use everyday, it’s very easy to get bored with the same band. And being able to change it as you wish is something that can make the user experience much better. By the way, if you think the bands from Apple is too expensive,  there are a lot of third-party replacement bands for Apple Watch out there with a much lower price point for you to choose from like Adepoy. If you don’t want to spend a whole week wearing the same band, you can always go online and get a replacement band for Apple Watch.



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