Fitness process

Fitness process

1) Ready at home

① choose the right clothes

Be sure to choose the right fitness before the fitness and sports shoes, which is to ensure the safety training of the premise, if there is a large weight training, ready to protect.

② choose a few songs

It is best to prepare a fitness playlist before fitness, download some fast-paced music, in addition to music can put all your heart into exercise, but also improve your efficiency.

③ supplement energy and water

At least half an hour before exercise to supplement the body's energy, so that you can exercise will not feel weak when you choose Carbs: whole wheat bread, mashed potatoes, bananas, etc., the protein can choose: milk, protein powder.

Can also be used with fitness supplements, creatine or nitrogen pump, can effectively enhance muscle strength, delay muscle fatigue.

2) Warm up

No matter what training, fitness must be warm-up, warm-up in advance to be able to move all parts of the body muscles and joints are fully stretched, so that more efficient muscle contraction, but also accelerate the body's blood circulation, to avoid damage during exercise.

Warm-up exercise does not require a long time and weight, you can start from easy aerobic exercise, 5 to 10 minutes a little sweating can be. For example: treadmill, elliptical machine, spinning and so on, and finally make the right amount of stretching.

3) Start fitness

General fitness program is divided into aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, it is recommended that oxygen after anaerobic, strength training on the state requirements higher. In addition, depending on the purpose of fitness, time allocation and training programs are also different.

For people who lose fat:

Anaerobic: 30% of the total time. Mainly to exercise equipment, mastery of the standard action and the correct muscle strength point, the weight can be lighter, the maximum number of repetitions try to control 15 to 20 times.

Aerobic: 70% of total time. Mainly treadmill, elliptical machine, spinning, etc., aerobic exercise, pay attention to monitoring heart rate range, the best in the maximum heart rate between 60% to 70%.

For people who have muscle:

Anaerobic: 80% of the total time, mainly to exercise equipment, mastery of the standard action and the correct muscle strength point, the weight can be lighter. Each site choose 2 to 5 training moves, the number of 8 to 12 times, the number of groups 10 to 20 groups.

Aerobic: 20% of the total time, mainly treadmill, elliptical machine, spinning, etc., aerobic exercise, pay attention to monitoring the heart rate range, preferably between the maximum heart rate of 70% to 80%. If the sebum is not high just 2 times a week to do aerobic.

4) The total training time:

Whether it is muscle or fat reduction, early training fitness time is best for 1 hour, with the action proficiency and strength increases, the time can be slightly adjusted, but preferably not more than 2 hours, between the action group The rest time should not exceed 90 seconds.

5) training in replenishment

During exercise, it will sweat, causing the body to lose a lot of water. At this time, you can add a small amount of water during the rest, and do not drink too much at one time to avoid physical discomfort. If you feel weak, may be appropriate to add glucose or other sports drinks.

6) stretch after fitness

Stretch after fitness and warm-up before fitness is equally important, not only to create the perfect muscle lines, but also to avoid the damage caused by muscle rigidity and pain after exercise, mainly to static stretching, stretching about 10 minutes .

7) After training meal

Muscle after fitness is very sensitive to insulin, glycogen synthesis speed is relatively fast, then if you do not supplement nutrition, the body will consume energy in order to restore muscle protein. You can choose more easily digestible protein and carbohydrates, such as: protein powder, milk, bananas and so on.

In addition, a small amount of snacks and will not affect the fat loss, women or weight-loss crowd can also meal.

8) About bathing

Fitness often sweats a lot, so many people will be eager to take a cold bath after training, this is absolutely not possible. Not only detrimental to muscle recovery, but also affect the blood circulation, leading to brain, heart and other parts of the lack of blood supply, resulting in dizziness, weakness and other symptoms.

It is recommended to rest for about 30 minutes after fitness, so that the body back to fitness before the state, with a bath close to body temperature water temperature.

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