Fitbit Metal bracelet bands Wear and Maintenance

Our products can be worn day and night, so be sure to follow the simple guidelines below when wearing and maintaining your device.

In order to keep the bracelet clean and the skin comfortable, our committee of accredited dermatologists wrote the following tips:

keep clean

Metal bracelet:

    Wipe the bracelet with a soft, non-flaking cloth. If necessary, you can touch the cloth with a little water. Metal bracelet is not sweat, not waterproof. Soaking can cause rust, discoloration or other damage.
    Wipe the bracelet with the recommended fabric. High temperature and high humidity environment may cause damage.
    Minimize exposure to perfumes, insect repellents, oils or lotions to reduce discoloration and other damage.
    Accessories are made of materials that make them suitable for everyday activities. In high-intensity exercise or sleep, it is not suitable for wearing, which affects the overall appearance and quality of the attachment.
    Minimize the chance of discoloration and damage to the watch band and avoid contact with materials such as water, perfumes, insecticides, oils, lotions and other dyed materials such as denim.


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