7 of the Best Apple Watch Bands You Can Try

Apple Watch is now one of the most popular smartwatches out there and it’s really no surprise. It’s powerful, practical and fashionable. With the right band, it could be a way to express your own style. Thanks to Apple’s effort in making the Apple Watch band changeable, now users can always easily put on a new band as they feel like it. Being able to customize the look of a personal item like a watch is something important to a lot of people as they are allowed to express their personalities through their possessions. And for the Apple Watch, you have literally thousands of replacement bands online to choose from. Choices are abundant, which is good and bad at the same time. It’s really not an easy thing to pick out a good band from all those choices you have. So here we’ve rounded up some high-quality Apple Watch Bands you can buy. If you don’t want to settle with the default band that comes with your Apple Watch, be sure to check them out and find one or maybe more that suits your style.

AdMaster Soft Silicone Band

Some people prefer their bands to be more breathable, which makes wearing the watch more comfortable when they are working out or in a hot day. And for people like this, the AdMaster soft silicone band is a great choice. It’s made of soft silicone with air holes on it, which basically translate to comfort when you wear it. Also, the low price point is another reason to give this Apple watch band a shot.

admaster silicone apple watch band

Adepoy Apple Watch Leather Band

The Adepoy Apple Watch Leather Band is a good looking band with great craftsmanship. And it’s fairly thin and narrower than most of other bands. Most of the Apple Watch bands out there are rather wide and this is the band you should try if you want something different.

Adepoy Apple Watch Leather band

IYOU Sport Band

For a more premium choice of silicone bands, check out the IYOU Sport Band. It’s made of soft silicone just like a normal Apple watch band, but it’s more than that. Many users on Amazon have had positive reviews on it stating that it’s comparable to bands from Apple regarding flexibility, functionality, and comfort. And it’s only $5.99 when an Apple silicone band charges you $49.

iyou apple watch band

Tomazon Faux-pearl Band

If you want your Apple Watch to look more glamorous, try the Tomazon faux-pearl band. Compared to a traditional stainless steel link bracelet, this Apple Watch band from Tomazon has a certain luxurious feel to it which kind of makes your Apple Watch look like a piece of handmade jewelry. One thing to note is that it’s elastic so there’s no buckle like an ordinary watch band.

tomazon apple watch band

Apple Watch Sport Loop

There are people who would change the band on their Apple Watch every day, but there are also people who doesn’t like that and would rather stick to one band. If you are this kind of person and want to avoid the troublesome process of switching between different bands frequently, this sport band from Apple would be a great investment to make. It’s a band from Apple, which guarantees high quality. Also, it’s made of a double-layer nylon which provides extra cushion and comfort. Also, Nylon is breathable material, which means you can use it for various activities and wear it all day without feeling any discomfort.

apple watch sport loop

Kades Stainless Steel Band

Most people choose silicone bands for their Apple Watch for daily activities like workouts as it’s more comfortable to wear, but a silicone band might seem too casual for certain occasions. Now, a stainless steel band would seem more formal and give you another feeling that’s different than a silicone band. Check out the Kades Stainless Steel Band, the stainless steel gives it a more sleek and classic look. The brushed-metal finish makes it easy for you to match with a casual outfit as well as a formal suit like a tuxedo.

kades apple watch bands

Adepoy Stainless Steel Watch Band

Want a high quality and premium band for your Apple Watch that doesn’t cost you much? This stainless steel band from Adepoy would definitely surprise you with its quality and the price tag. At $8.99, this Adepoy Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band provides you with a woven design of stainless steel which screams quality and style and makes it comfortable to wear. The magnetic lock makes it extremely easy to wear and adjust.

adepoy apple watch band

Ever since its release, Apple Watch has become much more than a smart watch, it could also be an expression of personal style. From Amazon, you can basically find any kind of Apple Watch bands you like, at a fairly low price point. You can even buy multiple bands and wear different ones every day. If you prefer to wear different bands every day, don’t hesitate to check out the bands we recommended above, they can all be found on Amazon.


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