All Free! 8 Best Apple Watch Apps for Better Life

Apple Watch app is one of the biggest selling points of Apple watch. Since the first launch of Apple watch in 2015, Apple has designed thousands of Apple watch applications. But that’s a heavy workload to choose the optimal apps from numerous apps. So we’ve listed some top Apple watch apps in different types and all of them are free.

 Apple watch apps

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Table of content

  1. Apps for Fitness
  2. App for Sleep
  3. App for Meditation
  4. Apps for Making Life Easier and Travel
  5. App for Entertainment

1. Apps for Fitness   

  • Strava

It’s one of the world’s top fitness apps for runners, cyclists and swimmers, as well as gym-goers, kayakers and yoga practitioners. The latest version enables you to sync workouts and activities data in the app to build a better overall picture of your fitness activities.

You can compete to become the king or queen of particular geographical leaderboards among other users, and you can share with friends and followers to get encouraging words and helpful feedback. You don't need to carry your phone with you thanks to the Apple Watch’s built-in GPS. With a cellular version of the Apple Watch, you can stream music and take calls while out on the trail.

 Apple watch best running app

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  • Runkeeper

If you are a runner, Runkeeper is a good one to download. It allows you to start the app straight from your wrist, without even looking at your iPhone. Open the app, press "start running" and off you go. There are free and paid versions. In the free version, you can check the overall time, distance covered and pace. The paid one enables deeper statistics, premium training plans, and the ability to broadcast your runs live on the internet.

2. App for Sleep  

  • SleepCycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the best Apple Watch apps for sleep tracking. It lets your phone analyze your sleep and wake you up with a gentle alarm in the lightest sleep phase—the natural way to wake up feeling rested. By entering the time at which you would like to get up, the app will calculate the time when you should sleep so that you can get up easier.

Furthermore, it is of importance to choose a soft and comfortable band when sleeping. Adepoy nylon band and braided silicone band are good choices. Adepoy has focused on Apple watch accessories for several years. Our mission is to help people express their fashion and fitness on wrist!

 Adepoy nylon Apple watch band

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3. App for Meditation

  • Headspace

This popular mindfulness app is full of guided meditation sessions that can help you relax and get to sleep. Having Headspace on your wrist is even more useful than having it on your phone, because you can open a session quickly by saying “busy train” on your watch.

You can choose from quick 1-minute meditation mini-sessions or full 10-minute sessions to get your day started or take a break. Headspace offers a free session and a premium subscription to unlock hundreds of sessions, including SOS sessions for easing anxiety in stressful moments.

4. Apps for Making Life Easier and Travel 

  • Citymapper

On the iPhone, Citymapper is fantastic, giving you point-to-point directions, and location-based public transport details and alerts. This app on watch is equally good, which lets you quickly see the status of nearby public transport at the press of a few buttons. It provides all the assistance you need, how many stops until you need to leave the bus, or how far to walk to your destination. For example, you’ll get buzzes on your wrist telling you when to leave and which train to catch. Right now, it works in 106 cities, all totally for free.

 Apple watch best apps

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  • iTranslateConverse  

Turn your Apple Watch into an international translator. With support for 38 different languages, iTranslate Converse is one of the best travel apps that can help you communicate with someone who speaks a different language. You can either manually select the language you want to translate, or let iTranslate Converse automatically detect the languages for you. You can tap on the screen to start translating straight away and if you'll let it, iTranslate will use your location to figure out what language it should be translating to or from.  

  • Foursquare

It is a wonderful app to explore the great places surrounding you. You can quickly get at the best tips for your current location, search for other options, and get at salient details regarding whatever you’re currently looking at. And if you don’t want to miss somewhere special, have the app send you a notification when you’re passing by.

 Apple watch travel app

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5. App for Entertainment

  • Overcast

Overcast is a polished, intuitive podcast player for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. As well as taking care of the basic business of organizing and playing your podcasts, it comes with a host of useful features: it can speed up playback, cut out silences, build custom playlists, normalize volume levels, go to sleep after a certain time, and much more.

8 Apple Watch apps have listed above. All of them are free and fit people of all ages. You can download them in Apple store easily. Those apps above have a high score in Apple store but surely, there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes. If you find other apps more useful, you can comment below!

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