7 Hidden Apple Watch Features You should know

Do you only use some of its basic functions when you wear your Apple Watch? However, Apple watch has a ton of interesting, helpful and powerful features you might not know about, which can increase your efficiency and form a health lifestyle. Check out 7 Hidden Apple Watch Features below.

  1. Sync Music to Your Apple Watch

If you ride a e-bike with your Apple Watch, you might not carry your iPhone for convenience. Instead, if you put your phone in your pocket, it may be thrown out. 

If you get a cellular Apple Watch, you can stream music from your Apple Watch. However, it also drain the battery faster. It is more effective that sync your favorite albums or playing playlists to Apple Watch for offline use. To enable this feature, you can turn on the Watch App, select music, and click Add more. Then wait for it to sync to your Apple Watch. 

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  1. Mute your watch by covering it up

Apple Watch makes sounds when you get a notification, if you do not want to be disturbed or disturb others, just cover the watch to mute the sound. If you forgot to mute your Apple Watch when you get a call during an important meeting or movie, cover it with your hand for three seconds.

To enable this feature, head to Setting>Sounds&Haptics on your watch, then switch to the green position Cover to Mute.


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  1. Speed up your update using Wi-Fi

It is well-known that updating your watchOS by turning on Bluetooth. However, by default, it takes a long time to transfer updated data from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. Your time is valuable, don’t use Bluetooth, which is very slow way to transfer large amounts of data. You must turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone, then the devices have to update using Wi-Fi.

Turn off Bluetooth, go to Setting>General>Software Update. Ignore Bluetooth requests to enable it to download updates. Click “Cancel” in the pop-up window to see if the update starts to download via Wi-Fi. 

  1. Take a screenshot 

Apple Watch also can take a screenshot, just as you can do as your iPhone. By pressing the digital crown and side button on the watch at the same time, then you can see a “flash” which indicates the screenshot was taken. Before using this feature, you need to enable screenshot on your watch, head to Settings>General>Screenshots.

  1. Use your watch to Vlog

General speaking, the back camera shoots more clearly than the front camera. You just need to remove the Watch from your wrist and use the wristband to attach the Watch to your phone. In this way, using the back camera of your iPhone to shoot the Vlog clearly, and watch it directly on the phone screen, you don’t need to wait for the shooting is complete. Instead, you can make adjustments whenever you want because you can watch what you are doing by Apple Watch screen. For example, you want to know if you are in the middle of the camera through the screen of the Apple Watch, and then you can move.

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  1. Show your apps in a list instead of a grid

Some like instantly recognizable array of apps arranged in a bubble map, but for others, it’s a bit confusing. If you apply for this feature, you can list your watch apps in alphabetical order. There are two way to enable this feature:

• Long-press it to pull up a hidden menu, then you can choose to switch the Home Screen to “List View”.

• Head to Settings>App View.

  1. Turn on Power Reserve mode

Apple Watch’s battery is limited, only runs about 18 hours on average. If the battery is going to dead, you’d better turn the Power Reserve on an Apple Watch on, which means all features except the time display will be turned off. 

Here’s how to:

• Swipe up from the bottom of the watch

• Tap on the battery percentage tile

• Swipe the Power Reserve slider to the right on the battery screen

• Confirm you want to start Power Reserve by tapping “Proceed”

If you want to turn off this mode, just restart your watch. 

Check these interesting and impressive Apple Watch tricks and tips, you’ll get a better understanding of your watch besides basic functions. Apple Watch is not just a smart watch but an active, healthy and stylish intelligent life stewards to make your life greener and better.

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