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Tips for Apple Watch Cases and bumpers

A good Apple Watch protects your Apple Watch from dropping and scratched. The watch looks great and is easily identifiable with a charming Apple Watch case. If you go to the swimming pool or do some house painting, the Apple Watch case help you wear my Apple Watch without fear of damage. Therefore, it is worth to buying a good Apple watch case.

How To Choose The Right Case Size

But before order, make sure you’re purchasing a case for the correct generation and size cause they are not all interchangeable. It’s important to know that the Series 7, 41 or 45 millimeter, has slightly bigger than the previous models.

Protective cases for the Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE are also compatible with the older Series 5 and Series 4 models. They are available in 40 or 44 millimeter cases. Apple Watch Series 3, Series 2 and Series 1, Apple’s older timepieces, have 38 or 42 millimeter size.

The easiest way to know exactly which model you have is to look up its serial number on Apple’s Check Coverage page. Enter your serial number, and Apple will display the series, model and band size.

You can find serial number on the back of Apple Watch or in the band slot (you’ll need to remove the band). Or you can open the SETTINGS app on your Apple Watch and browse to GENERAL > ABOUT, then scroll down to SERIAL NUMBER. You can also open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and browse to MY WATCH > GENERAL > ABOUT, then scroll down to SERIAL NUMBER.

To find your case size, check the engraving on the back of your Apple Watch.

Apple watch model
Protective Case

Variety of colors make them outstanding and eye-catching, while they are fully protecting your precious Apple Watch and fit perfectly. There are also different designs of the case like normal case with right-angle edge and case with curved edge. It is unisex and the most common case that every Apple watch users should have one.

Apple Watch covers 3


Rugged Armor Case

It is men style with a uneven surface. If you want something special and different with other case, this one can surprise you!

rugged cases


Bling Case

Shiny and elegant and personalized. It will dress up your watch instantly and finish your outfits perfectly! The two circles of rhinestones on the dial are the latest and trending design and there is also case with one circle of rhinestones. The special glue make the rhinestones solid bond so you don’t have to worry about it falling off easily! There is absolutely no interference with the touch screen.


Apple Watch Bumper

Not like the protective case above, the bumper is bezel-only protective case without screen protector. It is the optimal case for those who want to decorate their Apple Watch but don’t want the screen protector to affect the screen sensitivity.


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